Some Truths About Freelancing That You Should Know


While freelancing literally frees you from the confines and rules of the corporate, clinical, or educational setting, it is also a profession that entails serious responsibilities. I must say that switching from a regular work setup to freelancing is definitely a huge leap of faith. I knew it very well… When I made the decision…

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The Second Trimester of Pregnancy: The Baby Bump Phase

Second Trimester of Pregnancy

If you would ask me which of the three trimesters of pregnancy made my heart skip a bit, it would be the second trimester. The second trimester of pregnancy is really an amazing phase of discovery. You will be awed at the miracle of life because for some time, you get to feel firsthand how life…

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Food to Eat for Healthy Pregnancy

(Image source:   When you are pregnant, you are not only feeding yourself – you are eating for two. This means that the more you should be aware of the appropriate pregnancy diet. For most moms, this could be very nerve-wracking to think that there are certain foods to avoid and some you should increase consumption…

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5 Benefits of Meal Planning

[Credits to the photo owner]   As a mom or a wife, you are probably dreading over the question “What’s for lunch/dinner?” This is especially true for working moms who chose not to employ a household helper or to still take care of the cooking part. Now, to make sure that you don’t get lost…

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Relationship Goals: 10 Tips for a Long, Happy Relationship

relationship goals

Every couple is different. We all have our ways to express our love to our partners – be it your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse, but one thing I’m sure is that we all want to keep a long, happy relationship. Who would like to invest time and emotions to somebody who s/he does not intend…

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Understanding The First Trimester of Pregnancy

The first trimester of pregnancy is one of the more difficult phases of having a baby. There are lucky moms-to-be who don’t experience any annoying and uncomfortable symptoms at all during the first three months. Unfortunately, I am not one of them…   My Personal Experiences within the First Trimester of Pregnancy   Usually, you…

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Give In to Wanderlust: Traveling Will Keep You Sane and Happy

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list. – Susan Sontag   And I will really make it work!   When you go out and travel, the places you see open up your mind and give you a whole new perspective. It is like God showing you and allowing you to marvel at the beauty…

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Food Love: Cooking Therapy for Stressed Moms

As homemakers, moms are more prone to everyday stress. With so many things to do and to look after, most of the time, 24 hours is not enough to fulfill all the obligations of a mom. If there can only be a way to stretch out the clock, I bet you and I have both…

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The Advantages of Freelancing: Why I Chose to Leave the Typical Job Set-Up for Good

advantages of freelancing

(Image Source:   To each his own. This is one of the principles that I live by. You and I have our own preferences with regards to how we want to live our lives. I’d like to borrow this generation’s term – YOLO. You only live once. Take time to digest it in your head. What’s scary about…

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Joy of Mom: My Pregnancy Journey


I felt mixed emotions when I found out that I was pregnant – happiness, excitement, and fear; happiness because God blessed our marriage with the seed of love; excitement because I was bound to enter a new phase of our married life; and fear because the thought that I would be a mom in a…

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