Having a baby can sometimes make you forget to get sweet and sexy with your husband. This is because the mother’s instinct in you is awakened the moment you give birth, switching your focus to your little one. While this is understandable, you must also remember your duties as a wife. Personally, I am guilty…

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Relationship Goals: 10 Tips for a Long, Happy Relationship

relationship goals

Every couple is different. We all have our ways to express our love to our partners – be it your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse, but one thing I’m sure is that we all want to keep a long, happy relationship. Who would like to invest time and emotions to somebody who s/he does not intend…

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The Day I Got Married

marriage blogs philippines

I can still clearly recall the day I married the man I love. It was a rainy afternoon back in September 2014 when we finally tied the knot after 3 years and 3 months as a couple. A lot of my relatives and a few good, long-time friends were present during that moment, and of…

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