Baby Milestones at Six Months

All the baby milestones at six months will definitely put you in awe as your baby is more expressive and communicative at this halfway mark. 🙂

Congratulate yourself because you passed way through it! Whether you have your hubby or the entire family as your back-up, you have successfully overcome the sleepless nights and have made all the necessary adjustments that parenthood requires. By now, you definitely are enjoying the company of your little bundle of joy and noticing whose traits and quirks s/he got.

Your Baby at Six Months: Milestones and Development

Via’s Personal Milestones: Our Baby at 6 Months


We didn’t really like the idea of bringing Via outdoors especially in malls when she was under six months unless we were very hungry after her check-up or we have a scheduled hotel staycation. This is mainly because her immune system was somehow weak and she either  had asthma attacks or colds afterwards.

When she reached her sixth month, that was the time we began bringing her along, and believe me, her fascination about every new thing she sees was just so cute! (You’ll notice it with your baby too *winks*)

By this time, she already appreciates her surroundings and pays attention to details. Moms and dads, make sure to spend a lot of time with your baby because s/he is memorizing every detail of your face and this is the time s/he starts to be touchy feely with you – hashtag joy of parenting sets in!

Here are some of the milestones of our baby at six months:

  • Aremondeng (How could any baby grow up without learning it? :p)
  • Started to learn how to crawl (though she usually stayed in place because she could only move her butt up and down)
  • The most exciting part – she started to eat! Yehey! 😀 (Unfortunately, I was more excited than her so I bought boxes of Cerelac, which she didn’t like that much by the way. So, take it from me moms, only buy sachets of Cerelac during the first week of your baby’s 6th month and hoard different flavors once you see your baby enjoying the taste. Besides, the Pedia will encourage you to let your baby try different solids every three days so s/he gets to taste varieties of food without having his/her tastebuds confused). More notes on weaning, we had Via taste sayote (which seemed awful for her), am (which made her constipated), kiwi (which she didn’t like also), banana, and milk crackers/biscuits crushed and mixed in her milk.


Your Baby at Six Months: Milestones and Development


Your Baby at Six Months: Milestones and Development


Your Baby at Six Months: Milestones and Development


Your Baby at Six Months: Milestones and Development

Her reaction after eating boiled sayote for the first time


Usual Baby Milestones at Six Months


You probably have memorized what I have always been telling in my posts (that is if you read my blog regularly), so come say it with me – all babies are different so yours may not be able to  achieve all these usual milestones of a baby at 6 months or can possibly do more than these:

  • Can crawl
  • Milk tooth/teeth start/s to appear
  • Can utter his first (few) word/s like “mama”, “mame”, “mimi”, “dad”, “dada”, “baba”, “dade”, “didi”, and more


Your Baby at Six Months: Milestones and Development

Here are some more ways to help your baby at six months:

  • Play with your baby often
  • Assist in the development of his language skills by talking to your baby each time you bond with him. No matter how silly it seems, say anything about whatever you and your baby are doing. You will notice how he focuses on the way your mouth moves and will even give you cute smiles or fancy laughs when he agrees.
  • Because he is now ready to eat solids (weaning), better introduce fruits and veggies. This way, he gets accustomed to a healthy, natural diet instead of relying to packed baby foods.
  • Introduce either a sippy cup or a training cup. According to experts, at age one, your baby should be almost over with drinking through milk bottles (if not totally) for the sake of better teeth, language, and speech development, so practicing this habit this early will eventually pay off. Babies will be initially reluctant and uncomfortable about drinking from cups but they will get used to it so store more patience ;).

Something else to look forward to when your baby turns 6 months old


You and your hubby might have left your intimacy level at its lowest as both of you tried really hard to do your new roles as first-time parents perfectly. Cheer up, because now is the time to rekindle the spark with your better half! (^_^) By this time, you can spend some quality time with each other because the sleepless nights are finally over. You can either ask your family or have a nanny to baby sit your little one so you can have a lovely date (your baby won’t mind that ‘coz he’s already learning to play by himself and  with people he’s at ease with). You did it mom and dad, you’re halfway there so better enjoy each other’s company as the months will be busier because the thought that your baby turns 1 year old in six months will make you very excited to prepare ahead! 😀

Your Baby at Six Months: Milestones and Development

Happy 6th Month Via Christle! *kisses*

Your Baby at Six Months: Milestones and Development

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