Development and Milestones of Your Baby at Five Months

Baby at five months definitely shows interesting milestones and development. S/he’s like getting out of the baby phase gradually as s/he finds awe in exploring and understanding the people and things around his/her world. Brace yourselves parents, ‘coz the 5th month onward is going to be an amazing journey! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Via’s Development and Milestones: Our Baby at Fiveย Months

Our baby at five months definitely lets us enjoy our night sleep as sheย now thankfully left the staggered sleeping patterns and can already complete a full-cycle sleep like an adult. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Mommies and daddies with babies 4 months old below, keep your patience because you will surely get to this Ah-some relief!)

At this time, our dearest baby girl is already aware of her surroundings. She now loves to mimic noises and knows how to make faces.ย 

Other things she has learned at 5 months include:

  • The “close-open” milestone
  • Identifying things she owns
  • Reacts to the clothes, shoes, and head accessories that she wants to wear for the day
  • Enjoys playing peek-a-boo
  • Giggles a lot during playtimeย 
  • Can hold her milk bottle
  • The pincer graspย 
  • Makes bubbles from her saliva


Our Baby at Five Months Started Having Asthma

While all these discoveries she enjoys at 5 months are also making us happy, the sad part is that her asthma was triggered by acute bronchitis a day after she celebrated her 5th month. Her Pedia prescribed herย Clarithromycin (antibiotics), Salbutamol nebules good for 7 days of nebulization (for asthma relief), Cetirizine Alnix (for allergy), Paracetamol Tempra drops (for fever), and Congestap (for colds) while she continues with her earlier prescribed vitamins and supplements.

She underwent medications for both acute bronchitis and asthma for 2 weeks, and from then on and as of this writing, she regularly has asthma attacks (once or twice a month).

My sister, Aidynne, holds Via for her first nebulization

My sister, Aidynne, holds Via for her first nebulization






Vaccine/s Received by Our Baby at Five Months

Our baby at five months and two weeks got her 3rd dose of Synflorix.ย 

Usual Development and Milestones of Your Baby at Five Months

Your baby at five months is getting more and more adorable. You can notice him/her doing new things and making new sounds. However, just like I always say, every baby is different as each one undergoes varied development.ย 

Now, here are some of the development and milestones of your baby at five months (some can even do more than these):

  • Makes bubbles from his/her saliva
  • Enjoys being played with
  • Active sense of humor (yes, you’ll here you LO laugh a lot at 5 months)
  • Adds more sounds to her repertoire
  • Can sit on her own
  • Can eat solid foods (ask your baby’s Pedia about this one because most don’t recommend so until the 6th month)
  • Can drink through a sippy cup (again, as parents, you’re the ones who know about your baby’s capabilities so don’t insist on letting him/her drink from a sippy cup if s/he still can’t)
With One of My Favorite Teachers Back In High School, Ma'am Montejo

With One of My Favorite Teachers Back In High School, Ma’am Montejo


Meeting Tita Kambal Chum & Chi (My Friends Since High School)

Meeting Tita Kambal Chum & Chi (My Friends Since High School)

Games You Can Play with Your Baby at Fiveย Months

Yeeha! Your baby is definitely far from his/her first day on Earth. You can now do fun things together and s/he can even appreciate a stroll at the mall or a short vacay (which is good news for you and hubby too!). Now, if your schedule and budget won’t permit, you still can have fun with your baby at home. Try new things with your little one like playing peek-a-boo, tickling him/her gently, and introducing new toys (those that move, light up and play music surely catch your baby’s fancy).

Remember, it is not about buying your baby new toys and bringing him/her somewhere expensive all the time that matters. As long as you continue making time with your baby to create fond memories, you’re doing parenting right. After all, now is the perfect time for your baby to understand what the term “family” means. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Happy 5th Month Baby Via! :) We Love You A Lot <3

Happy 5th Month Baby Via! ๐Ÿ™‚ We Love You A Lot <3


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