iCove Beach Hotel Subic Review|iCove Beach Hotel Review|iCove Subic Review

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iCove Beach Hotel Subic Review came 7 weeks late but I assure that memories of our staycation are still crystal-clear in my head! πŸ˜‰


A week before the month of January ended, we had our staycation kick off at iCove Beach Hotel Subic, which is one of the latest additions to the beach hotel chains along the beach strip in Barretto. In fact, iCove Subic has been alluring visitors locally and from nearby places especially since the management effectively promotes it on Facebook. They even offer a Day Tour Package for only PhP500, PhP300 of which is consumable. Fair enough, right?

iCove's Lobby

iCove’s Lobby


iCove Beach Hotel Subic 12



iCove Beach Hotel Subic 25

Rate Inclusions


Our family have always been comfortable booking hotels through Agoda so we did exactly the same with our iCove getaway. We got the Standard Room at $57.18 or about PhP2,500.


This rate includes:


√ 2 bottled water

√ WiFi access inside the room and within the hotel premises

√ FREE use of swimming pool and beach

√ Complimentary breakfast for 2

√ Basic toiletries and bathroom essentials (towel set, 2 sets of toothpaste & toothbrush, toilet paper, soaps, and shampoos)


Standard Queen RoomΒ Features


The room is quite small at 17 sq.m. but cozy and comfortable enough for a family of 3. On the wall atop the bed’s headboard is horizontal painting of the beach in hues of blue, which perfectly blends with the light green color of the wall. For husband and I, this effort of the hotel’s management to make their guests feel even more relaxed is quite effective.


Room features are as follows:


√ A double bed

√ Cable TV

√ Split type A/C unit

√ Mini refrigerator

√ Safety deposit box (which is a plus point for the hotel since not all hotels offer such), and

√ Hot and cold shower

√ Balcony

Please excuse the messed up bed

Please excuse the messed up bed


iCove Beach Hotel Subic Review|iCove Beach Hotel Review|iCove Subic Review


iCove Beach Hotel Subic Review|iCove Beach Hotel Review|iCove Subic Review


iCove Beach Hotel Subic 7


Swimming Pool


Some say that they have an infinity pool but I guess the fence hinders it from looking limitless. The swimming is also quite small (I believe the owner just maximized his space), but nonetheless, it offers a calming view of the beach. On the left side of the pool is an elevated part/stage where you can relax and enjoy the scene. On sunny days, you can put the seat foams down and lie down and take a short nap as the sea breeze caresses your skin. Unfortunately, this is just within my imagination as it was drizzling when we arrived that particular Sunday.


iCove Beach Hotel Subic 11


iCove Beach Hotel Subic 10


iCove Beach Hotel Subic 18




iCove Beach Hotel Subic 20


iCove Beach Hotel Subic 17



As I have mentioned, iCove Beach Hotel Subic is quite small and so is the beachfront (which is perhaps just about 6-8 arms wide). What I love though is that the area is kept clean by a maintenance guy who even writes the word iCove on the sand each morning. Food and souvenir vendors frequent the beachfront during daytime so you can have relatively cheaper food for merienda (we tried theΒ palitaw andΒ pancit palabok, which tasted good by the way). Sadly, we didn’t enjoy the beach too as the sun showed up an hour before our check out the following day. πŸ™


iCove Beach Hotel Subic 16


iCove Beach Hotel Subic 15


iCove Beach Hotel Subic 21


iCove Beach Hotel Subic 23


iCove Beach Hotel Subic 22




If you are just like me who always look forward to the eating part when checking in, I’m sorry to burst your bubble but prepare yourself for disappointment. Their menu selections are pricey and yet the taste of those we tried were just so-so.

Photo taken at the restaurant

Photo taken at iCove Beach Hotel Subic’s restaurant


We ordered baby back ribs (which came with mushroom soup and buttered veggies for sides) and beef caldereta for dinner. The mushroom soup tasted good (resembling carbonara sauce) while the buttered veggies were a bit hard to chew (perhaps I am not just a fan of slightly-cooked buttered veggies). The baby back ribs were sweet as pork tocino and I was honestly not satisfied (I love baby back ribs from TGI Fridays). To top it all off, when hubby cut the beef (caldereta), it was still pink and raw. We asked the waiter to have it cooked again who politely took it back to the kitchen. We then had it packed and brought it to the room though we decided not toΒ eat it. The good part of this undesirable dining experience was that the waiter that night (If I remember it right, his name is Jun) was very pleasant.

Baby back ribs with buttered veggies and mushroom soup

Baby back ribs with buttered veggies and mushroom soup


The "raw" beef caldereta

The “raw” beef caldereta


Okay, so here comes Monday and we’re up for breakfast. You have a choice between Filipino breakfast and American breakfast. We both chose Filipino breakfast except that I had tocino and he had bacon for main dish. The breakfast plate comes with 2 eggs and the menu says you can choose how they’re cooked and a cup of coffee. Hubby had 2 sunny side ups and I requested for 1 sunny side up and 1 boiled egg for our baby. To our surprise, the waiter came back quickly and said “Sir hindi daw po pwedeng magkaiba ng luto sabi sa kitchen”,Β but of course we insisted with our request and they followed half-heartedly.

Complimentary breakfast coupons

Complimentary breakfast coupons


Hubby's breakfast plate

Hubby’s breakfast plate


My breakfast plate

My breakfast plate




Of all the staff we encountered, only 2 of them are welcoming: the night shift waiter and the guy who maintains the beachfront. Everybody else were busy with their own businesses – from the front desk (who’s Facebook-ing) to the other waiters (who were busy taking groups photos from their cellphones that Monday morning while guests at the restaurant were waiting to be attended to) to the kitchen crew (who wants to do what they want and who are careless enough to serve raw food). Personally, I would rate them 1 out of 5. I suggestΒ the management looks into this.


Our Staycation In A Wrap


We love the place, that’s for sure. We could have enjoyed iCove Beach Hotel Subic better if it wasn’t drizzling. Will we come back? Yes, but we will definitely just dine out either in Papagayo or Mango’s as suggested by friends! πŸ˜‰

While waiting for me to finish packing up

While waiting for me to finish packing up


Ciao iCove! :)

Ciao iCove! πŸ™‚

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