Baby Development and Milestones: Baby at Four Months

baby at four months

For any new parent, every single day becomes more and more exciting, and before you realize it, you already have a baby at four months!


Personally, only the first two months happen slowly as if God’s allowing you to absorb the fact that you are a parent now. After that, trust me, time flies really fast so might as well bond with your little bundle of joy every chance you get. Babies grow in a really fast pace and I’m sure you don’t wanna miss out your baby’s milestones. Create memories that last a lifetime because just like what they say, you can never turn back the hands of time… (Enough of the cheesy me, lol :p)


baby at four months

A simple celebration of her 4th month πŸ™‚ Yummy Minion cupcakes! <3


baby at four months

Gifts for our baby girl from relatives


baby at four months

Hubby also celebrated his first birthday as a husband and dad πŸ™‚


Baby Development at Four Months (Via’s Personal Milestones)


Every baby is unique and unless your gut-feel is backed up by facts there is nothing to worry about. Just allow your baby to undergo his own pace as baby development is also an individual process.


At four months, our Little Miss Sunshine achieved the following milestones:


  • She can shake and play with her rattle


  • She’s communicating through louder, longer, and more frequent coos


  • She smiles socially at everyone


  • She could hold her head and chest up steadily


  • She can carry her body in a sitting and standing position provided that someone’s holding her


  • She can roll over from her back to her tummy and vice versa


  • She maintains a really tight grasp enough to hold objects long


  • She stopped sucking her thumb and began sucking her whole fist instead


  • She cries when she’s hungry, sleepy, or frustrated


  • She responds to people she’s familiar with


  • She enjoys playing with familiar people


  • She expresses happiness through laughter


  • She completes aΒ night’s sleep cycle (which I appreciated a lot! πŸ˜€ )


  • She puts everything she touches in her mouth


  • She points at objects she wants and at people she wants to go with


  • Comfortably sleeps on her side


baby at four months

A candid shot during mommy and baby playtime


baby at four months

Like a boss! πŸ˜€


At four months, Via gets excited at the sight and smell of solid foods. As a parent, it somehow pinches my heart seeing her crying over something thatΒ she likes so I and some family members occasionally allows her to lick (yes, just lick) the surfaces of fruits or breads. We have also tried feeding her “Marie” but stopped it when we noticed that she didn’t want to drink as much milk like she used too. Consult your baby’s pediatrician about feeding your baby solid foods at four months because not all doctors recommend it.


Baby girl also dropped .3 kg from last month’s 5.7 kg weight.


baby at four months

She lost a bit of weight yet she is at her chunkiest physique at 4 months! πŸ˜€


baby at four months

Cutie chubby Via ^_^


Usual Baby Development at Four Months


At four months, most babies are able to do the following:


  • Babbles with expression


  • Copies sounds he hears


  • Smiles spontaneously at people


  • Reaches for toys when he sees them


  • Can follow things with his eye side-to-side


  • Holds head and chest up steadily


  • Recognizes familiar faces and voices even at a distance


  • Rolls over from his back to tummy and vice versa


  • Puts object in his mouth


  • Can shake a toy


You can read about other baby milestones at four months here.


Vaccines She Received at Four Months


Via got her second dose of Hexaxim a week after she turned four months. Thankfully, it didn’t cause her fever this time.


Vitamins and Supplements Prescribed


We were told by her pedia to continue giving her Multigen drops (Multivitamins) and EZZ-C drops (Ascorbic Acid) as supplements both at 0.3 ml dosage daily.


baby at four months

Via had attended her first Thanksgiving Mass for kids in our church


baby at four months

Our wedding ninangs met her for the first time


baby at four months

Stroll time with her dad after her vaccination


Be the Kind of Persons You Want Your Kids to Become


At four months, your baby is beginning to understand his own emotions as well as identify yours. This is the perfect time to nurture his emotional intelligence. Be a little more sensitive in how you deal with your baby and set good examples for him to follow. He’s learning rapidly not just cognitively, but emotionally and socially too. Remember, you are responsible for the growth of your baby in all sense of the term. He learns from you so better be the best version of yourselves as parents! πŸ˜‰


baby at four months

Family first πŸ™‚ <3

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