Baby Development at Two Months

Baby Development at 2 Months

You’ve successfully finished your baby’s first month and by now you could be wondering about baby development at two months. First off, keep in mind that babies are unique individuals too and that their development are not at all similar. What’s important is that you appreciate, celebrate, and acknowledge your own baby’s development and allow him to go through it in his own pace.


If you have delivered normally, your body may now have fully recuperated. On the other hand, if you gave birth via C-section, your surgery scar is probably looking A-ok on the outside (some women are keloidal like me) but you still can feel tenderness in your abdomen. Postpartum depression may or may not be present by now and you are getting used to going with your baby’s sleep patterns (i.e. sleeping more in the morning). Your body may have already adjusted to having intermittent sleep especially during the night when you have to breast feed or bottle feed your baby at specific intervals. Some moms like me perhaps are also starting to feel bad about having their milk ducts inactive and incapable of breast feeding their babies. For some reasons, my milk supply stopped before my baby girl reached 2 months and instead of pitying and hating myself for it, I accepted it wholeheartedly and just focused on feeding her the most suitable formula milk for her needs, which was Nan H.W. One (recommended by her pedia).


Baby Development at 2 Months

We started reading stories to her at 2 months


Via’s Milestones at 2 Months


No matter how often you look out for each of your baby’s milestones, some of them just happen when you’re not ready to record it or maybe you are just left in awe to even get your cellphone and take a picture.


At 2 months, some of the most remarkable moments in our baby girl’s life are as follows:


  • Cooing
  • Smiling a lot (with cute sounds)
  • Responding to sounds and familiar voices
  • Looking at people’s faces (especially those who she always see)
  • Recognizing and following objects with colors like red, black, and white
  • Screaming playfully


Baby’s Milestones at 2 Months


According to sources like WebMD, Baby Centre, and my baby’s baby book from Similac, here are some of the baby’s language, social, cognitive, and physical milestones at 2 months:


  • Coos and makes gurgling sounds
  • Turns head toward sound
  • Pays attention to faces
  •  Follows things with eyes
  • Can hold head up
  • Begin to push up when lying
  • Cries or become fussy when inactive


Vaccines She Received at 2 Months


Visiting your baby’s pediatrician as scheduled is very crucial in his development so never miss any. This way, the doctor can check your baby regularly and most of all, give him the appropriate vaccines.


In my baby’s case, she had the first dose of Hepatitis B vaccine and BCG vaccine when she was still at the hospital, 14th of March 2015 (2 days after her birth). It was then followed by the second dose of Hepatitis B vaccine 1 day before she turned 1 month.


For her second month, she received the first dose of Synflorix vaccine and Rotarix vaccine, which were both quite expensive (almost 6k in total, so yes moms, have your pockets ready or visit the nearest public health center for free vaccination).


Synflorix is a primary and booster vaccine for infants which protects them from 10 types of streptococcus pneumoniae.


Rotarix, on the other hand, gives the infant protection from Rotavirus which is the most common cause of severe diarrhea.


Upon receiving vaccination, your baby may cry a bit or longer than usual and catch fever. Great thing our baby girl has high tolerance for pain so she just cries every time the needle is inserted and stops when it is pulled. She didn’t have fever either (although she is always prescribed to take Tempra drops at specific intervals for 24 hours after each vaccination). Cold compress must be applied on the vaccination site to prevent it from bruising.


Brace Yourself for Your Journey Is Just Starting


Now, if all these baby development at two months leave you teary-eyed, believe me mommies, there’s more that awaits you! 😉 In the coming days, you will experience a roller coaster of emotions witnessing your baby’s milestones. You will also realize that seeing your baby sick and sad is more heartbreaking than your failed first love…


Baby Development at 2 Months

We took her to the beach to celebrate my sister’s 25th birthday


Baby Development at 2 Months

She was too sleepy for a picture during her 2nd monthsary


Baby Development at 2 Months

Shortly after celebrating her 2nd monthsary, she’s on her way to be vaccinated


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