The First Month of Birth

Baby’s First Month

My baby was very small when I delivered her, weighing just about 5.07 pounds (2.3 kilos), imagine how fragile she seemed to be. She got small arms and legs. You could notice her sagged skin, in need of further fats. My OB-Gyne told me that if it hadn’t been for my placenta previa totalis condition, I would have easily delivered her normally. My baby was not able to get as much nutrients from me when she was still in the womb because my placenta is restricting the seamless transfer of it. Great thing she easily acquired added nutrients upon birth.


Our baby girl was such a heavy feeder. During her first day in the hospital, her Pedia told me that the nurses have been texting her asking if they could feed the baby more. Apparently, Via wanted more than 10 ounces of formula milk and wailed every time she was deprived of more than the amount of milk the she could take in. I can attest to her energy for eating because I have felt how forceful she sucked the first time she was latched onto me. It was so painful that I couldn’t imagine where in the world she was getting the energy to suck that way. Unfortunately though, during her second day in the world, she could only get so much milk from me and ended up frustrated a number of times that is why we had to feed her formula milk as supplement.


Via Goes Home


My Auntie Gigi (mom’s sister), cousin Gio, and hubby took Via and I home. Because I underwent C-section, we decided to stay in my parents’ house for a month so I could be taken care of as well and my family and relatives could assist me in tending our baby girl.


By the way, before we went home, I was instructed by the nurse about latching and by her Pedia about cleaning her navel. I was also told to have her under the sun as early as it rises and before 8:00 A.M.


Via’s First Week

Baby’s First Month

Heplock-free a week after birth


She had weak lungs so IV and oral medications were continued at home for 7 days. She still had the heplock for an entire week more and my cousin nurses (Alyza, Abby, and Joy) and sister Aidynne took turns injecting her meds. Completing her medications, we brought her to her Pedia’s clinic where her heplock was finally removed and she was noted as a well baby (Yehey!) She was then prescribed Multigen and Orazinc for supplements.


Baby girl had her first bath on her 4th day.


Via’s Second to Fourth Week


Everybody was so delighted with Via’s arrival that I had ample time to take rest and recuperate from my operation. We co-slept with her in our bed and placed her between hubby and I. Her dad was so awed at the fact that we made such a blessing. He couldn’t get his eyes off her and constantly stared at her in joy and amazement. Babies really are bundles of joy! 🙂

Each single day passed by with all of us enjoying her added company. Gifts from friends and relatives as well as congratulatory messages poured (thanks everyone! ^_^). Little did we realize that she’s already 1 month old, which of course called for a simple celebration!


By the end of her first month, she was already weighing 3.4 kilos.


Baby’s First Month

Gained extra weight


Baby’s First Month

I also had her ear pierced by her Pedia during this visit


I couldn’t express how happy I am for being able to finally hold her in my arms! 🙂 I will be forever thankful to God for giving hubby and I such a wonderful blessing… <3 Indeed, the first month of birth allowed me to experience unforgettable firsts as a first-time mommy.


Baby’s First Month

Taking a selfie on a sleepless night


Baby’s First Month

Her expressive eyes are starting to be noticeable


Baby’s First Month

A simple celebration of her 1st month with family 🙂


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