The Big Day: Meeting your Baby for the First Time (Childbirth)


There is nothing more reassuring for any mom undergoing childbirth in the delivery room, emergency room, or operating room than hearing her baby’s first cry…


I can still clearly remember the day when I was rushed to the hospital for my C-section delivery. I was both excited and worried when I saw blood stain on my undies. My OB-Gyne reminded me beforehand about the complications of having placenta previa totalis that are both harmful to the would-be-mom and her unborn baby. These are the reasons why anyone who is diagnosed with the condition is advised to deliver the baby via surgical incision before approaching full-term. There are stories I have heard about would-be-moms suffering from non-stop bleeding and even dying because they fail to take the associated risks seriously and insisted delivering normally. When I was in that stage, my latest ultrasound showed that the bulk of my placenta is already up, so I was really confused. Of course, there are ladies like me who wish to deliver normally and experience the pain of natural labor (yes, back then I thought that experiencing such sums up my totality as a woman). Now, I understand why my doctor scolded me that hard when I told her that I wanted to try normal spontaneous delivery. Being a mother, truly, is not about undergoing the long, excruciating pain of labor, but putting your baby’s welfare first than your own interests…



Yes, I even managed to smile for a photo before I was sent to the OR


I was really anxious come the hour of my C-section delivery. About a year, my sister told me a story about her friend’s cousin who never woke up after undergoing C-section. She never saw her baby cry and her baby will never meet her… How sad can that be? Imagine, this happened in a private hospital boasting of its top-of-the-line medical equipment and expert practitioners.


Back to my case, the clock hit 1:40 P.M. of March 12, 2015. I was at Ridon’s St. Jude Hospital’s operating room, chilling. There were 1 guy nurse and 2 lady nurses assisting my OB, anesthesiologist, and pedia. I was asked to curl up sideways as much as I could while the guy nurse was holding my knees and the back of my head so my spine shows. The anesthesiologist injected my lower spine to numb my body from the waist downwards. He pinched my upper arm and my belly with a small needle to test for sensation. It only took a matter of seconds for the anesthesia to take effect, and then they carried on with the surgery.


I could only hear my OB asking for a knife but didn’t feel anything while she was doing the process. The only part that hurt was when they were pushing below my chest because the baby was not in position (my little one was cramming in my upper belly). My OB was even joking with the nurses, making a lecture about internal organs while waiting for the pedia. My baby’s pedia arrived just in the nick of time. My baby girl was announced delivered at 1:40 P.M. Believe me; I felt the kind of joy that I only experienced for the first time in my life when I heard my baby cry. I shed tears of joy. Everything sunk in – I’m a mom now, and I have safely delivered our baby girl…


I also recalled what my OB told me during one of my prenatal check-ups. She said that they will keep me awake and have me see and kiss my baby if the baby is well. On the other hand, when they see that something’s wrong with the baby, they will immediately put me to sleep so I won’t stress out. Thankfully, our baby is well and I got to kiss her before I get anesthetized again. The pedia (my best friend’s sister) showed me my baby girl and let me kiss her. That moment was priceless! My heart was filled with extreme joy.


Afterwards, the anesthesiologist whispered that he’s going to put me to sleep so they can proceed with the operation. I stayed awake for a few more seconds and I could feel my OB pulling my belly (the stitching process) although the pain sensation was absent. The next thing I remember was waking up to the sight of my husband and my family at my hospital room’s bedside (Although later on, I saw a video taken by my hubby when I was gotten out of the OR wherein my OB congratulated us, and my hubby said that he asked me if I was okay and I answered back, which I don’t remember until now).



Daddy’s first selfie with our baby 🙂


Prior to giving birth, we have already agreed on naming our baby girl Via Christle, which is derived from our names (Virna and Christian).


At about 7:00 P.M. my baby’s pedia arrived with my best friend. She told me about our baby having difficulty breathing so she was equipped with oxygen. Because of this, she will not be able to latch the baby onto me until she gets well. Great thing the next night, our baby can already do without oxygen. She responded quickly to IV medications. However, she still needs to be observed as she would have to stay longer in the hospital if the pedia sees that there is still something wrong with her. Thank God for the answered prayers, Via went home with us and just continued her IV medication at home. (Credits to my cousin nurses as well and my younger sister for doing it.) 🙂



During my baby girl’s first few hours at the Nursery



Aside from the oxygen, she also had a heplock where the IV meds were injected


Newborn screening was done during the second day of our hospital stay. Good thing Via was quite a bleeder so the process was completed shortly. Newborn bloodspots must be filled up entirely, which can be seen on the newborn screening card (I don’t remember though how many circles must be filled up). The baby’s heel will be pricked to get blood samples. Blood may be collected from both heels if one heel cannot shed enough blood. Via cried just until the procedure was done. We got the newborn screening result a month after, which turned out alright by the way.


From the hospital to our home, my husband can’t get his eyes off our baby. He was so ecstatic as well. He couldn’t believe that he was able to create such a beautiful thing. The way he looked at her reflected his great love for our baby…


Six months after, my surgical incision has been quite more visible than it initially was. My OB said I am keloidal, so she will just scrape it off the next time I give birth. She did bikini cut by the way, so my scar doesn’t really show.


Being a first-time mom, I realized that there is a reason why a baby is called a “bundle of joy”. You will forget about the long wait, the discomfort, and all the annoying symptoms of pregnancy once you hear your baby’s voice, cuddle her, see her face, and kiss her for the first time and onwards. My heart has never been filled with so much joy and my life has never felt so complete until the moment I gave birth to our lovely little girl. She defined my purpose and justified my existence. Not every woman is given the gift to carry a life in her womb, and I am just deeply grateful that God blessed me with such. Now, each day of my life is lightened up by our Little Miss Sunshine. I love you so much my baby girl! 😉



Definitely love-at-first-sight! 🙂

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