Preparing for Delivery: Your Hospital Bag Checklist

Hospital bag checklist

During the third trimester of your pregnancy, you definitely will feel agitated for the big day. So, to enjoy the final month of your pregnancy and to avoid forgetting the delivery essentials for you and your baby, I suggest that you prepare your hospital bag as you approach your 6th month. You’ll never know the exact month you’re going to give birth. Some moms-to-be undergo preterm delivery due to several factors, and you are no exception to this. Of course, you would want to be prepared when the big day arrives. Moreover, it will be really difficult for you to pack your hospital bag as the labor contractions get more and more intense so might as well have it prepared beforehand.


Preparing for delivery is a must for every mom-to-be. This can be in the form of completing your baby things, watching delivery videos both for C-section and normal spontaneous delivery so you have ideas about what you’re going to deal with, nesting or cleaning up your home for your baby’s arrival, making sure that your health card works and that you are financially ready, and so on. However, completing your hospital bag checklist must also be on your priority list.


Your Hospital Bag Checklist


[ ] 3 sets of loose clothes/maternity dress for changing


[ ] 3-5 underwear (top and bottom; I suggest you buy maternity bras and panties as these will make you more comfortable upon giving birth)


[ ] 3 sets of pajamas


[ ] 2-3 adult diapers


[ ] 3 pairs of sock


[ ] A pair of slippers


[ ] Light magazines, books, mp3 player, or stress balls to keep you relaxed


[ ] 1-2 ponytails to tie your hair (you don’t want your hair to get in the way when you start to breastfeed)


[ ] 2 pens for filling-out necessary forms


[ ] Your PhilHealth ID and/or health card


[ ] Cash and ATM cards (you can ask your husband to take charge of settling medicine payments, bills, etc.)


[ ] 3 sets of changing clothes for your hubby or partner (his extreme excitement might make him forget to pack too)


[ ] Your toiletries (soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, alcohol, shampoo, tissue roll) although private hospitals provide an admission kit with these


[ ] Food supply while you stay in the hospital (coffee/chocolate sachets, crackers, juice cans, a separate bottle of water for you and your visitors/watchers, etc.); your hubby or watcher can buy or bring food for everyone


Your Baby’s Hospital Bag Checklist


[ ] A coming home outfit


[ ] 3 sets of baby dress


[ ] 3 sets of pajamas


[ ] 3 sets of bonnet


[ ] 3 sets of mittens


[ ] 3 pairs of socks


[ ] 3-4 receiving blankets


[ ] A pack of diaper (so you don’t run out of it)


[ ] 3-4 feeding bottles (your breast milk won’t come out right away)


[ ] 1 small bottle of distilled milk (my baby’s pedia prescribed Absolute) for your baby’s formula milk


[ ] 1 small can of formula milk prescribed by your catcher (Nan H.W. One for my baby)


[ ] Wet wipes to clean up baby’s booty after pooing


[ ] A hypoallergenic soap (although I was informed that baby’s aren’t given a bath at birth and are cleaned using baby oil instead to keep their temperature from dropping)


[ ] Isopropyl alcohol (this will be used to clean your baby’s navel by dampening a cotton ball in it)


[ ] A small cotton roll (yes, I repeat, you actually clean your baby’s navel, because most pediatrician already discharged the use of baby girdle of bigkis due to the fact that it only makes them uncomfortable breathing through their abdomen especially when it is too tight)


Some Other Things You Can Bring


[ ] Pillows


[ ] Blanket/Linen


[ ] Electric kettle so your watchers don’t have to spend on vending machine for hot drinks


[ ] A camera to document this milestone


[ ] Bath towel (although I was not able to take a bath during my 3-day stay in the hospital because of my fresh surgical incision)


Oh, don’t forget your cellphone too so you can communicate easily with your hubby, family, friends, and most especially your doctors.

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