Third Trimester of Pregnancy: The Agony of Waiting

third trimester of pregnancy

The third trimester of pregnancy can seem tedious. You are both excited and anxious about your baby’s arrival. You feel a mix of emotions. You want to give birth right away while at the same time, you are scared of the many responsibilities of your upcoming parenthood especially if you are a first-time mommy, and I’m pretty sure that your husband shares the same feelings with you…


If you will give birth via normal spontaneous delivery, the waiting can even take longer. Your baby gives the cue as to when he wants to have a glance at this world. You will just have an idea of the date range that you are expected to deliver. Other than that, you will have to carry on with your daily activities until your body goes into labor…


On the other hand, if you are sentenced to have a cesarean delivery, you can choose your baby’s birthday. Your doctor will ask you about your preferred date of delivery via surgical incision. S/he will tell you if your selected date is viable or suggest an alternative date if s/he thinks that you will be putting your life and your baby’s at stake. There are numerous reasons why your doctor will decide for you to have a C-section delivery, but I would have to include it in another blog post. In my case though, I was diagnosed with placenta previa totalis, a condition in which the placenta totally blocks the cervix, preventing the baby from coming out normally. This condition will cause the mom-to-be to bleed profusely if the baby incidentally hits the placenta, if she suddenly goes into labor, if she meets accidents such as bumping her tummy, falling flat on the floor, and many other risky instances.


Meanwhile, before you are able to successfully conclude your 9-month pregnancy journey, you still have to go through the pains of the third trimester of pregnancy – literally.


What to Expect During Your Third Trimester


The third trimester of pregnancy gives you contrasts in full swing. You feel tired yet excited. You are always thirsty yet you also have the urge to urinate frequently. Because you have gained 20 more pounds or so, your uterus has moved other internal parts of your body away from their original placement, making you feel the added strain.


Reaching almost the end of your pregnancy stint, expect the following symptoms to occur:


  • Increased fatigue


  • Back pain


  • Heartburn


  • Frequent urination


  • Varicose veins


  • Swollen face, feet, and legs


  • More visible stretch marks


  • Contractions (Braxton hicks)


  • Bizarre dreams


  • Extremely painful cramps


  • Constipation


Some Things You Can Do To Ease These Annoying Symptoms


While you really have to go through all these pains, there are measures you can take to alleviate your level of discomfort. You can try the following:


  • Do mild exercises like taking a walk at the park and enrolling in a prenatal yoga class


  • Raise your feet up for better blood circulation


  • Support your back and your belly with extra cushion


  • Take a bed rest


  • Schedule your urination like every hour or so instead of waiting for that overwhelming need to pee


  • Avoid caffeine so you won’t be constipated


  • Keep away from heartburn triggers such as spicy food, citrus, dairy products, fried and fatty food, and caffeine


  • Eat small meals frequently in lieu of a one-time pig-out


  • Wear support hose or leggings, but make sure that these aren’t too tight to hamper blood flow


  • Drink lots of water


  • Give yourself a warm bath


  • Do not stress yourself out too much by wallowing in your hormone-induced roller coaster of emotions


  • Establish a support system by turning to your husband and family members


Hang On, It Is Definitely Worth It


During the last trimester of my pregnancy, I felt that I am running out of breath even if I only did gentle strolls. The contractions also got tighter especially whenever I sit for longer periods of time (yes, I was still working until the night before I gave birth). I woke up in the middle of the night for months just to pee. I had to wake my husband up to massage my toenails and calves because the cramps hurt like hell that I even screamed on several occasions. My baby bump also felt heavy that my back ached. My feet were swollen. My face became a bit puffy. Parts of my body became darker than the rest. Warts appeared on my face and body. My breasts were engorged and the veins became very visible. I also had carpal tunnel syndrome, which thankfully disappeared after I gave birth. I was sleepy most of the time and I had frequent headaches. However, despite all these annoying pregnancy symptoms, I was excited preparing for my baby’s arrival. Bearing a child is a realization of my purpose in life. I may not be completely ready and a bit afraid of the enormous responsibilities of parenthood at that time, but deep in my heart, I was very happy to have reached that far. I was very grateful to God for giving me the gift of life as well as to my husband, family, and friends who have all been my cheerleaders during difficult parts of my pregnancy.


Although I did not reach my baby’s full-term and while circumstances didn’t allow me to experience normal delivery, seeing my baby for the first time gave me a sense of fulfillment because I have successfully carried and delivered a new life into this world out of love. My baby Via sums up all that I am and what my life is about… She is definitely God’s greatest gift to us!


Not every woman is blessed with the capacity to bear a child, so if you are given this wonderful opportunity to tend a life inside of you, be grateful. Do the best you can to protect and deliver your little one safely into this world. Yes, the entire pregnancy journey can be very overwhelming and it will make you go through exasperating symptoms, yet the feeling that you will have the moment you see your baby and wrap him into your arms is truly priceless! It is so precious that you will remember it for the rest of your life… <3 🙂

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