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newborn essentials

Completing newborn essentials is one of the most exciting things to do while you anticipate your baby’s arrival. This is especially true for moms who are expecting a baby girl because we got loads of baby things to choose from. The trick though when shopping for baby things before his arrival is to get more neutral colors than gender-based ones for few simple and practical reasons like (1) you can still use it when you give birth next time regardless of your baby’s gender, (2) neutral colors are safer options just in case your doctor missed your baby’s gender because there are rare cases wherein the anticipated gender happens to be otherwise at birth, and (3) babies look prim, proper, and clean in neutral shades like white (other colors that look good on both a baby boy and a baby girl include green, cream, and apricot).


If you are a first-time parent, the agony and excitement that comes from buying baby things is inexplicable. You feel happy doing so while at the same time you also feel clueless about it. Great thing Google makes life easier! Just a few keyboard strokes and tada, you know just what to buy! LOL! 😀


Now, being somebody who’s been there and done that, I’d like to share my preparation with the hope that you will find it helpful…


Have A Checklist


As soon as I found out my baby’s gender, I got really excited about buying her starter baby stuff. To always get reminded of the things I need to buy, I used a page in my Prenatal Record Book as my Baby Stuff Checklist. Each week, I made it a point that I buy a thing or a few for my baby girl until I was able to complete it. I started purchasing baby stuff during the 5th month of my pregnancy. Having a checklist is important so you don’t get lost and end up buying things that your baby really doesn’t need.


newborn essentials


Newborn Essentials


Based from my own experience, here are the baby stuff you will initially need:


  • Receiving blankets – have at least 3 especially if you are expecting a C-section delivery because you and your baby will stay in the hospital for 3 days or more. This way, you can have the previously used ones washed if ever there is a need to extend your stay.


  • Baby dress with sleeves – baby’s temperature will adjust to her new environment and your job as a new mom include making her comfortable and safe. In my case, I only bought 1 set of baby dress with sleeves (3 pax) because I got many hand-me-downs from my Aunt plus I was expecting to give birth during summer. For her first few weeks, we dressed her with sleeves during the night. Via had about 15 pieces of baby dress with sleeves.


  • Sleeveless baby dress – I only bought 1 set of these because of the existing ones given by my Aunt, which are about 10 pieces more. She wore these during the day for her entire first month.


  • Pajamas – you can have at least 6 pieces or more if your baby will be born during colder months so s/he can wear it with the baby dress with sleeves at night time.


  • Mittens – my baby wore her mittens when she was in the hospital and didn’t wear it until she was 2 months old. The reason? She was too small that her mittens always fall from her hands. I encourage you though to have at least 10 pairs of these because s/he will be changing at least twice a day. This will give you time to wash the used ones.


  • Socks – buy the same number of socks as the mittens.


  • Bonnet – have at least 10 pieces. S/he will need to wear it during her first few weeks.


  • Bib – honestly, you can never have enough of these. You will use it when you feed your baby and when you clean her tongue. I also use a bib until now to clean her up. She got about 30 bibs and still runs out of it sometimes.


  • Feeding bottles – a sterilizer holds until 8 pieces of feeding bottles so buy at least this number to maximize the use of electricity (for electric sterilizer) and gas (if you intend to boil your baby’s bottles in an aluminum sterilizer).


  • Sterilizer – to ensure that your baby’s feeding bottles are clean and safe to use.


  • Bolsters and pillow – your baby obviously need these to have a comfortable sleep.


  • Swaddling clothes (lampin) – yes, I’m an old-school mom, still a fan of proven baby stuff. I asked my mom to buy me 2 dozens of lampin. Actually, mom and my other relatives advised me to use it so baby’s booty and inguinal area won’t be irritated due to too much use of diapers. Swaddling clothes will give your baby a breather.


  • Diapers – you can never have enough of diapers as well. I started with 4 packs of Huggies Newborn. On average, my baby used 2 packs of diapers a week during her first month. Make sure to always have an extra.


  • Changing pads  I got 4, but I have only used 3 changing pads.


  • Small can of your pedia’s recommended formula milk for your baby – in some cases like a delicate C-section delivery or your baby still needing to be medically attended, she cannot latch onto you right away and your breast milk won’t be readily available too so she has to be fed with formula milk. Buy the smallest can so it won’t hurt your pocket if in case she’s found allergic to the milk brand.


Other Things Your Baby Needs


Apart from the ones I have mentioned above, you will also need these:


  • Isopropyl alcohol – to clean your baby’s navel and sanitize your hands before touching him. Isopropyl alcohol gives a cold sensation while ethyl alcohol feels warm on baby’s skin so I chose to use it instead.


  • Baby oil – to warm your baby before bathing.


  • Baby wash – Cetaphil and Oilatum are the brands recommended by my baby’s pedia. These 2 are great for sensitive skin.


  • Baby tub – obviously, s/he needs it for bathing.


  • Bottle and nipple brush – for bottle cleaning.


  • Baby wipes – I use these as final wipes when baby’s done pooing.


  • Cotton – I use cotton balls dipped in water to clean her up when she pees or poos. I prefer buying cotton rolls instead of cotton balls because I save a lot.


  • Tissue rolls – I suggest you use kitchen towels instead because it serves many purposes like being a pad when your baby poos, putting it on your baby’s back to absorb sweat, and more.


  • Cotton buds – to clean baby’s ears and nostrils.


  • Nasal aspirator – you must be ready just in case baby catches colds.


  • Thermometer – again, you better be prepared for the unexpected. Today’s environment is not-so-baby-friendly.


  • Bottle and diaper bag – I once read an article that bags are common habitat for Salmonella bacteria so you better not store your baby’s feeding bottles and milk container in your personal bag when you have doctor appointments or you simply are going out with your baby. Purchase a bottle and diaper bag that will only serve its purpose.


  • Baby milk container – you will need it when you go out or travel or if you don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night to scoop baby’s milk from the can.


For your baby’s nursery, you must include the following in your newborn checklist:


  • Crib – we prefer to keep Via in between us when we sleep so we can strengthen our bond with her and at the same time be able to look after her better. We bought her a crib on her third month, which she rarely uses because she is such an active baby. She hates confined spaces and enjoys huge spaces where she can roll over.


  • Mosquito net – there’s this mobile mosquito net that appear like a food cover. LOL! :p Babies tend to attract mosquitoes and other insects. I know it very well because our baby girl is a favorite target too. 🙁


  • Blankets – to provide baby more comfort.


  • Rattles – so you can play with your baby. Initially, your baby will be drawn to colors like red, white, and black.


Aren’t you getting more excited now?! 😀 If I forgot something, just make sure to add it on your newborn checklist.


However, if you got no time to visit local stores to shop for baby things before he arrives, you might want to try online shopping. Just click the images below and browse what you need.





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