Restaurant Review: Le Soleil Et La Lune, Sun Plaza Hotel, Subic Bay

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My siblings and I were planning a family dinner for Mama on her 50th birthday. We originally wanted to dine in Sands Resto at Lighthouse Marina Resort, but my sister suggested that we try another place. Days before mom’s birthday, she sent me a text message and asked me to check out Le Soleil Et La Lune and give her a feedback of it. So, I immediately did my research and Google directed me to the Facebook page of Le Soleil Et La Lune.


Le Soleil Et La Lune is a French phrase meaning the Sun and the Moon. Turns out, it is the restaurant of Sun Plaza Hotel, Subic Bay, which is one of the recent additions to the chains of hotel within the Moonbay Marina Complex. It stands conveniently in between Vista Marina Hotel and Baypointe Hospital, and in front of Lighthouse Marina Resort.


This post on their Facebook page caught my attention. Looks appetizing, right? Imagine, for just PhP368, you can munch all you can their American buffet and it comes with one free drink. I saw baby back ribs, and come on, we all know how expensive a serving of it is. Since I find it a great deal, we all agreed to try the resto.


Le Soleil Et La Lune

Photo grabbed from Le Soleil Et La Lune’s Facebook page


I called the resto a night before we intended to dine to reserve a table for 5 pax (since they have clearly indicated that reservation is needed). We rode a cab at Mega Taxi terminal beside Remy Field and got charged PhP5o, which is way cheaper compared to hiring one outside SM City’s vicinity (they can go as high as PhP150).


We arrived at Sun Plaza Hotel, Subic Bay and my initial impression of it while I step inside the lobby was that it’s very cozy. You can see the big difference of a new hotel compared to the existing ones. In terms of aesthetics, the hotel is outstanding. However, the built of the hotel is rectangular so you may feel a little cramped. It’s somewhat a long, narrow hotel (I’m used to wide lobbies).


The restaurant is located at the left wing of the hotel. It is L-shaped, and quite small. I then understood why they require reservation. Going inside, I noticed that there are just about 11 tables, meaning they can only accommodate 11 groups at a time with 4-10 occupants. I approached a waitress and told her that I was the one who reserved for 5 pax under my mom’s name. She passed us on to her fellow waiter who led us to our seats at the area where the bar and stage for musicians are located. We seated comfortably on the single couches while we wait for somebody to assist us. We have been sitting idly for about 10 minutes and everybody’s busy with something so I had to ask a waitress if we can already proceed to the buffet table. She said “Wait lang po, itatanong ko po”, but never came back. So, 10 minutes after, we asked the waitress at the bar if we can go to the buffet table who quickly responded positively. Our 5-month old baby was with us so we had to take turns getting our food.


Restaurant Review: Le Soleil Et La Lune, Sun Plaza Hotel, Subic Bay


My sister, my hubby, and I went first. However, I noticed that the serving dishes were still not replenished. There were very few chicken cordon bleu, roast chicken, and baby back ribs. The food labels were also missing (oh, the jams had it). When they saw us along with other diners flocking the buffet table, they immediately replenished it. What Le Soleil Et La Lune had that night were chicken cordon bleu, chopsuey, fried prawns, baby back ribs, roasted chicken, steamed rice, fried rice, macaroni spaghetti, carbonara, fried okra, sweet round kakanin with corn, and sushi.


Spoiler alert 1: They don’t replenish the baby back ribs plate right away. The baby back ribs get taken in a matter of seconds so you have to be keen when they serve it.


The next table was my favorite. It had bread loaves and single-serving packs of honey, salted butter, and strawberry jams. I’m a fan of bread so I was delighted when I saw these. There’s also an oven toaster if you want your bread toasted. Oh, I almost forgot, 2×2 slices of pizzas were also on this table.


Spoiler alert 2: The oven toaster does not work well so don’t expect a good toast at 5 minutes. Set it longer.


Restaurant Review: Le Soleil Et La Lune, Sun Plaza Hotel, Subic Bay


The left-end table holds 2 containers of creamy vegetable soup with a microwave oven in between, giving you the option to re-heat your soup.


The dessert and appetizer table is the first one you see upon entering the resto. When we arrived, what was left were coleslaw, garden salad, and slices of melons and watermelons. Eventually, they added coffee jelly, pineapple slices, and caramel cake slices.


Here’s what composed my first round.


Restaurant Review: Le Soleil Et La Lune, Sun Plaza Hotel, Subic Bay


For my second round, I enjoyed this. Again, the oven toaster didn’t toast my loaves in 5 minutes, did not even heat it. Baby girl was already crying loudly, obviously wanting to go home so we had to finish fast.


Restaurant Review: Le Soleil Et La Lune, Sun Plaza Hotel, Subic Bay


My Verdict


The food is great! I enjoyed it.


The ambiance is homey yet cozy, and is very comfy.


The band plays Jazz music. I loved the sax, reminded me of good old days when Mama used to play Kenny G. hits.


The price is good, in fact, it is very affordable.


Service… Hmmm… Can we not talk about it? LOL. Obviously, their staff are new so they seem not to be in control of everything. I have to say though that there were only a few staff (I think 5 or 6 including the one in the kitchen and the one in the bar). This makes them prioritize those who order ala carte. So just a bit of tip, if you want them to serve you first, order something else apart from their buffet offer. They don’t bus out finished tables right away. They also let their buffet diners wait long to receive spoons and forks, and worse, even the service water. You have to follow up everything or else you’ll end up eating with your bare hands, wiping your mouth with your own clothes, and choking to death.


Le Soleil Et La Lune’s staff are courteous, but they definitely need to be trained harder especially now that their resto is gaining popularity.


Le Soleil Et La Lune


Will I come back again? Definitely! The food and ambiance are just so irresistible! I just hope that they will treat their diners equally and be on top of everything. Oh, and by the way, I wish they would serve spoons & forks, tissue, and service water firsts. 😉


Le Soleil Et La Lune

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