7 Ways to Communicate with your Baby in the Womb

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Strengthening your bond with your baby even before s/he is born is part of nurturing a loving relationship with your little one. In fact, there are numerous ways to communicate with your baby, which you can start right after figuring out that you’re pregnant. You and your spouse can share these wonderful moments together, which in turn can definitely make your little one feel loved and wanted.


Personally, I believe that expressing love and communicating with the baby in your tummy must not be put on hold until you feel the first kick or until science says that s/he can already hear your voice. The mere thought that God has blessed your marriage or your relationship with a new life is already something to be thankful and so excited for, and although s/he’s still an embryo,  your genuine gratefulness and unconditional love surpass development barriers enough for these to manifest through an entirely healthy pregnancy. Won’t you agree with me that moms who welcome their pregnancy wholeheartedly tend to take care of themselves and their babies more, hence guaranteeing safer deliveries and healthier babies? Isn’t it true that when you feel loved, wanted, and accepted, the more your existence becomes validated? I guess the same goes with yet-to-be-born babies… Since moms and babies are connected through the umbilical cord, s/he is able to feel whatever we feel. Come to think of it, not everyone is blessed with the gift of life, so if you are among the few ones who received such a wonderful present, why not do everything you can to protect and make the baby feel totally loved?


Now, enough of tugging your heart strings, let’s talk about simple ways to communicate with your baby in the womb, which you can do regularly.


Greet your baby good morning and good night


The moment you wake up and before you close your eyes to retire for the night, your little one deserves to be greeted too. I suggest that you start and end your day acknowledging your baby. Not only are you sending your love, but you are also getting used to his/her presence in your life because sooner you will be holding your cutie for real.


Play music to your baby


Back then, moms used earphones or headphones to play music to their babies. This is also something I should have done if I haven’t read an article saying that babies inside our tummies need no additional loud sounds since they are already exposed to various strong sounds that our bodies make (i.e. your heart beat, your blood flow, your rallying stomach, etc.). The article claimed that when you put earphones or headphones on your belly, they receive the music loudly. The appropriate way to play music to your baby therefore is by listening to it together. Use speakers instead of earphones or headphones. There is actually no need to put the source of music on your tummy because s/he can appreciate music the way you do.


Now, the question is what type of music should you play?


Studies link classical music to intelligence, hence it is suggested that babies hear more of these. This type of music is also associated with having a healthy emotional state.


In my personal experience, I played happy music for babies and kids at daytime and lullabies and classical music at night time. By varying the kind of music you play for your baby, you get to notice which ones s/he reacts to.


Read stories to your baby


Just like listening to music, reading stories to your baby strengthens your bond. Purchase story collections that you can read to your little one at bed time. I preferred the physical storybooks more than e-books or audio books when I was pregnant because I can add it up to my book collection. I also finished reading a cruising book to my baby, hoping that she’ll follow her wanderlust someday (I want her to see the world).




Watch happy movies


Happy movies stimulate happy hormones so trade off heart-yanking teleseryes for it. Your baby needs constant good vibes and you, as the host of this beautiful one, is the firsthand provider of all mix of emotions – choose the happy mood always as it is best for you and your baby.


Talk to your baby while you caress your tummy


This was something that I really enjoyed doing when I was pregnant with Via. Whenever I took breaks from my home based work, I would lie on my bed and talk to her while I rest. I would tell her about my day, ask her how she is doing, and share with her my dreams and hopes for her as well as my excitement to see and hold her. Trust me, when you do this, you will feel so much love in your heart in admiration of the miracle of life. Encourage your spouse or partner to do the same so the baby also gets familiar with his voice. This is one way to nourish your family life too.


Go places with your baby


As somebody who is tending for two, you need a relaxing atmosphere. So, if your pregnancy permits you to go see places, tug your spouse or partner along and have a weekend getaway. Visit places that will bring you positive vibes, but make sure that your destinations are not far enough to wear you out.


Write letters for your baby


Communicating doesn’t always mean verbal. This is why simple gestures like caressing your tummy and maintaining a positive disposition in life are encouraged during pregnancy. Another type of non-verbal communication is writing letters to your baby. Whether you choose not to read it to your little one, the real emotions that you feel while writing it will be felt by him/her too. You are able to send your love through unspoken words. Now, the catch is to keep these letters and hand them over to him/her when s/he can already read, comprehend, and understand how feelings work. She will surely be delighted by the fact that you were very excited to have her plus she will always be reminded of how much she is loved then and now.

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