Gender Ultrasound: When Can You Find Out If You’re Having A Boy or A Girl?

One of the exciting milestones of pregnancy is finding out whether you are expecting a boy or a girl through gender ultrasound. Some soon-to-be-parents may decide not to reveal their baby’s gender until birth while many would like to find it out so they can settle for a name, decorate the nursery accordingly, and start buying baby stuff appropriately.


If you are a first time mom, you should know that ultrasound scans are safe and non-invasive, so this is something that you should not be scared of. The sonographer will place the lubricated device on your tummy to retrieve images of the fetus, which is shown simultaneously on a monitor. Ideally, the baby’s gender can be identified via ultrasound from the 20th week onwards. However, I have read that recent advances to ultrasound technology makes it possible for the sonographer to see the baby’s gender in as early as 12 weeks. On the other hand, some mommies and daddies may get frustrated because they won’t see their baby’s gender until the 28th week. This is because of several factors affecting the visibility of your baby’s sex organ such as (1) the position of the fetus, (2) the thickness of your abdominal wall, and (3) the amount of amniotic fluid among others.


Finding Out My Baby’s Gender


My first ultrasound scan took place during the 3rd month of pregnancy to check for fetal development. During this appointment, I asked my sonographer if I could come back on the fourth month to check for my baby’s gender, and she said that I would have her eyes work hard to clearly figure out my baby’s genitals. She just advised me to go back on my fifth month instead. By the way, during this first ultrasound scan, hubby and I saw a very active baby rolling over and over and playing around my amniotic fluid. No wonder why Via loves to roll over a lot now. Haha! 😀


Five months passed and I was very excited to find out whether I was carrying a boy or a girl. I openly wished for a girl while hubby hoped for a boy. We went to the sonographer before lunch and we ended up waiting until 3:00 PM to finally get into the ultrasound room. We didn’t eat lunch. That was how excited I was! 😀


I was very ecstatic to hear that we’re having a baby girl. I know hubby’s kinda disappointed although he said that he’s happy with God’s gift, be it a boy or a girl (but I know he’d be much happier if he could have a mini version of himself). Great thing baby girl looks a lot like him so he is very happy having our princess 😉


Among my family members, Mama was the only one who guessed that I was carrying a girl so she was very delighted. We would surely enjoy dressing up our baby girl and buying stuff for her because there are loads of cute choices everywhere.


Some said that I was carrying a boy because I looked haggard during the first trimester, but I guess my exhausted appearance has something to do with my body picking up and adjusting to the enormous changes.


I also told my OB-Gyn about my baby’s gender and she laughed at my excitement because I had it checked before she could even give me a gender ultrasound request. However, the findings also said that I was suffering from placenta previa totalis. This condition required me to have constant bed rest and refrain from physical activities. My OB-Gyn also didn’t perform IE during my succeeding check-ups because I might bleed uncontrollably and have the baby delivered before it’s due date. She also suggested that we prepare for c-section delivery to prevent life-threatening effects of placentia previa totalis (i.e. the baby might incidentally kick or punch the placenta and have me bleeding profusely or any physical activities might do the same effect, harming both the baby and me). She even shared stories of her patients who suffered from the same condition and experienced traumatic deliveries because of it. This is one of the many reasons why I suggest that you should never skip an appointment with your OB-Gyn. Remember, you’re now responsible for two lives – yours and your baby’s.


The Old Wives’ Tale of Determining Your Baby’s Gender


I guess you’ve also heard about some beliefs with regards to finding out your baby’s gender without having an ultrasound. Old people say that you’re carrying a girl if your bump is round and high and a boy if it is pointy and low. Some also believe that being a beautiful preggo means you’re carrying a baby girl and looking haggard means you’re having a baby boy. Much modern beliefs suggest that fetal heartbeat can also detect your baby’s gender. If the beat is at 140 per minute or less, it’s a boy while if it’s over 140, it’s a girl.


In my case, my bump was round and high, and the baby’s heartbeat played within the range 148-160 beats per minute during the entire pregnancy. I guess the old wives’ tale coincidentally detected my baby’s gender. LOL! :p


The Advantages of  Having A Gender Ultrasound


  • You can decide on your baby’s name.


  • You can begin buying colored baby clothes.


  • You can have the nursery or your room theme-decorated in preparation for your baby’s arrival.


  • You can start planning out a baby shower.


  • You can also check for fetal problems early on your pregnancy.


Finding out your baby’s gender is a personal decision. You and your hubby/partner should agree on this. Now, whether you are carrying a boy or a girl, your primary responsibility is to make sure that you and your baby are both healthy and safe all the time, so always be present in your prenatal check-ups. 😉


“A baby has a special way of adding joy every single day.”

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