Some Truths About Freelancing That You Should Know


While freelancing literally frees you from the confines and rules of the corporate, clinical, or educational setting, it is also a profession that entails serious responsibilities. I must say that switching from a regular work setup to freelancing is definitely a huge leap of faith. I knew it very well… When I made the decision to quit my last regular job as a Guidance Counselor/Registrar/HR Officer, I told myself that I would never go back to working for somebody on a traditional job setting again, but then my initial journey wasn’t all sunshine. I really exerted a lot of effort and had to adjust to my clients’ varying time zones before I got the hang of it.


Now, if you’re doing an honest evaluation of your life and you feel that you also want to join the billion dollar industry of freelancing, you should not look at it as an easy way out.


Here are some things about freelancing that you ought to know before submitting your resignation and taking a nosedive:


Freelancing is a serious profession


Others might think that since freelancing does not box you into an office, a hospital, or a room, it is something that you can treat as a hobby. I tell you, clients who post their jobs on various freelancing platforms or ads are serious in terms of getting their desired results and having the job delivered in a timely manner and in high quality. These people are spending their money on someone they don’t know, entrusting tasks to you because they believe in your expertise and abilities, hence you must be able to prove yourself and deliver what is expected of you. So, if you will just play around and accept jobs you can’t accomplish, freelancing is clearly isn’t for you. Perhaps you can find your place under the sun somewhere else.


There are lots of perks of freelancing


To name a few, freelancing gives you time liberty and financial freedom although you initially have to adjust to your clients to gain their trust. However, believe me, as they begin to trust you and have faith in the quality of your work, they will allow you to do what you have to do with little or no supervision provided that you get to submit everything on time.


Because of this freedom, you can do a lot of things like choose your work hours, spend more time with your family and friends, sleep until 10:00 AM, bring your work anywhere, take a vacation anytime provided there is Internet connection so you can check for instructions and do your work, etc.


The bad news is there are also several disadvantages of freelancing


Unlike regular work setups, you don’t get mandatory benefits in freelancing (e.g. paid leaves). Freelancing means no work, no pay. Keep that in mind just in case you’re not ready to take it seriously because you can’t feed your family and you can’t live a decent life if you would only be playing around the freelancing world. It requires utmost dedication and quality work.


You set the limit of how much you earn


This is another truth about freelancing that motivates people to explore it. Hard work and diligence definitely pays off big time in this industry. In my chosen freelancing platform, you can take on as many work as you can and have as many clients as you can. The more hard working you are, the more $$$ you earn! πŸ™‚ Now, how does that sound?


There are many forms of freelancing


Do not limit yourself only withΒ what the Internet can do for you because you can also be a freelancer offline. Examples of these offline freelancing careers are baking/cooking custom cakes/cupcakes/pastries, event planning/hosting, renting out party equipment, cars, etc., being a make up artist or hairstylist, and selling stuff among others. You can explore these options and see what fits you best.


A Few Words to Get You Going


In the beginning, freelancing can be very hard. You may think that you made a bad choice by leaving your comfort zone, but believe me, with the right dose of patience, hard work, perseverance and belief in yourself and most importantly, faith in God, you can claim your very own spot in this kind of world. You may fail a few times, but don’t let these stop you from pursuing. Trust me, you will get there… eventually! πŸ˜‰



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