The Second Trimester of Pregnancy: The Baby Bump Phase

Second Trimester of Pregnancy

If you would ask me which of the three trimesters of pregnancy made my heart skip a bit, it would be the second trimester. The second trimester of pregnancy is really an amazing phase of discovery. You will be awed at the miracle of life because for some time, you get to feel firsthand how life is transforming inside of you. Isn’t it a wonder when you feel tiny tapping movements in your belly? How about waking up one day finally noticing that much-awaited baby bump that you, your hubby, and the people around you can’t get enough of? All these and more, I tell you, are such sweet rewards of pregnancy especially for first time mommies like me.


The period of 4 to 6 months is really an exciting and enjoyable one. By this time, you may not be feeling dizziness or suffering from morning sickness at all. You may even feel being back to your normal old self and forget that you’re pregnant except of course when your bulging belly reminds you of it. Not only soon-to-be-moms enjoy the second trimester but soon-to-be-dads as well. Why? Because this is the period when we no longer bug them with our unusual cravings, making them run errands in the wee hours of the night. Another thing is that this is also the second part of honeymoon or what they call the “babymoon” because your body is now used to your peaking hormones and you’re in the mood for some loving (remember how deprived your hubby was during the delicate first trimester? Well he probably might be screaming hooray in his mind when he heard your OB say that it’s now okay to have intimate moments. LOL). The most enjoyable fact about the second trimester, however, is that it is the time when your baby is like saying hi to you in his or her own little ways by making his or her presence felt. Such heart-melting moments!


The Baby Bump


When I had my first pregnancy ultrasound at 3 months, I honestly envied the ladies with huge bumps. I felt like mine was growing really slow and I was agonizing over the day I can finally notice my baby bump. One lady comforted me that mine would soon grow when I told her how I wish mine was as big as hers, and she was right. I just woke up one day and it was showing up!


My baby bump became apparent when I reached the fifth month of pregnancy and I specifically loved seeing its shape with my regular dresses that I can’t keep my fingers off from taking photos of it. 🙂


The Second Trimester of Pregnancy: The Baby Bump Phase

The Second Trimester of Pregnancy: The Baby Bump Phase


Tiny Movements


I first felt flickering in my tummy at 4 1/2 months. These are just subtle movements that only you can feel. If you can’t imagine what it is, put your fingers on your belly and do some gentle tapping movements. That’s pretty much what you will feel as your baby’s first few movements at 4 or 5 months. Don’t be disappointed when you don’t feel yours. Perhaps you just need a little more focus or a trigger to make your baby move. According to my research, babies move when you eat (something sweet in particular) or drink something cold. Why not try it yourself while you raise both legs on a couch and with your palms on your belly. Talking to your baby or playing music can also encourage movement. I have tried all these and they worked! 🙂


As your pregnancy progresses, these tiny movements will turn into stronger, forceful ones that may even be painful. Your hubby or partner will also get to feel your baby soon!


My spouse felt our baby’s punching/kicking for the first time when I was about 5 1/2 months pregnant. I was sleeping and he went beside me with his back leaning against my tummy. My baby perhaps didn’t like being pressed on or restricted so she made one strong movement. He was very amazed too! 🙂


What You Can Do During The Second Trimester of Pregnancy


Because this is a relaxed phase, this is the perfect time to do everything you can think of. To give you an idea, here are some things you can accomplish:


  • Buy maternity clothes. Believe me, your tummy will grow faster now and you will soon run out of clothes to wear so might as well purchase some maternity clothes. I suggest you also buy some lola panties so you and your baby can move comfortably.


  • Bond with your baby by constantly talking and playing music to him/her. Although scientifically, the baby in your womb starts to hear you at 6 months, you can begin forming bond with him/her at the start of your second trimester. Talk to your baby everyday and tell him/her how much you love him/her and how excited you are in meeting him/her. You can also download baby songs to your cellphone, which you can play and sing to your baby during your bonding time. I have also read that listening to classical music enhances your baby’s intelligence, so it might also be something you want to try. In my case, I played happy baby songs at daytime and lullabies and classical music at night time.  


  • Gender Reveal. Now, this is really something exciting! 😀 If you and your hubby decided to find the gender of your baby before birth, the 5th month is the recommended time to do it. While others see the gender in as early as 4 months, many babies hide theirs during the earlier months of pregnancy. It was something I was told, so I just had my baby’s gender ultrasound at 5th month – IT’S A GIRL and we named her VIA CHRISTLE! 🙂


Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Ultrasound Confirmation of Our Baby Girl 🙂


  • Buy baby clothes. Now that you have identified your baby’s gender, it’s time to prepare for the big day. Believe me, shopping for baby clothes is an enjoyable time too! 🙂 We were expecting a baby girl so just imagine my delight whenever I shop for pink, yellow, and purple clothes. I know you’ll agree with me that having a baby girl gives you more options when it comes to dressing her up compared to having a boy. Baby boys often have limited clothing choices. I started buying my baby girl her things after the ultrasound confirmation on a weekly basis. It will help if you will prepare a checklist so you don’t get lost and end up buying unnecessary things. Remember, babies outgrow clothes fast so don’t buy a lot. However, I can’t blame you for being way too excited because I am also guilty on buying too much baby stuff. Hehe! :p


  • Go on a short vacation with your spouseMy OB was right when she told me to sleep and spend time with hubby as much as I can before the baby arrives because I might not have enough of it again until the baby becomes an independent adult. So, if there’s something I would suggest, you better plan a short getaway with your hubby. Book a hotel room somewhere else, savor the moment as a couple, feel the love, and relax because you will soon have an addition, who will need much of your attention and care. Make your partner feel how grateful you are because he’s with you in your pregnancy journey. Talk about your shared dreams for your little one and just be in love with each other. 😉 In my case, I was advised to take bed rest because I was diagnosed with placenta previa totalis, making my pregnancy a delicate one, so this was something we haven’t done.


If you want to eternalize these precious moments, you can also do things like start blogging about your pregnancy, take pictures and memorabilias that you can put on frames or scrapbooks, video the milestones and create a movie, etc. Your creativity is the limit!


While it is another enjoyable phase to finally get to hold your baby and watch him/her grow, you will also miss those times you have him/her in your tummy so make sure to revel in these exciting moments.


Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Happy! 😀

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