5 Benefits of Meal Planning

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As a mom or a wife, you are probably dreading over the question “What’s for lunch/dinner?” This is especially true for working moms who chose not to employ a household helper or to still take care of the cooking part. Now, to make sure that you don’t get lost from a bad or long day when it comes to serving healthy meals for your family, meal planning is the answer.


Most ladies will think that meal planning is a daunting and time-consuming task when in fact it can actually save you time and effort as well as from eating unhealthy meals.


Take a look at 5 of the many benefits of meal planning.


It promotes healthy eating, keeping you away from unhealthy choices. 


When you plan your meals ahead (say 1 week before), you give yourself ample time to think about what to put on the table. You tend to come up with a balanced, nutritious diet. Forget about days when you just opt to cook processed meat, open canned food, or just take out from fast food chains because you don’t have the ingredients handy.


It saves time and money.


You may not realize it but the clock is ticking each time you stand in front of your fridge thinking about what to cook. You also pile up on fare expenses every time you go back and forth to the grocery when you notice your ingredients aren’t complete. When you plan your meals, you immediately jot down your grocery list and buy ’em beforehand, eliminating those time and money wasters.


It prevents you from purchasing unnecessary stuff at the grocery.


Sometimes, we get too excited shopping for food, condiments, etc. that we tend to buy things we won’t actually use perhaps thinking that this is what we want to cook tonight or tomorrow. Chances are, when things get in the way and we are left with less time, we go for meals that are easier to prepare. When you create a weekly meal plan, you can anticipate circumstances. For example, if you have less time to cook during dinner then you can write down a dish that requires only a few minutes of your time.


It eliminates last minute stress.


After a long day’s work, most of the time you are already tired and hungry, hence thinking about or receiving a text from your husband or kid/s about what you’re all going to eat adds up to your stress. Planning your meals in advance saves you from this extra stress plus you can always respond to meal-related questions right away.


It gets you creative in the kitchen.


Remember that cook book you purchased last month or that recipe you downloaded last week? You can try out new dishes at least once or twice a week (say on weekends). Not only will you be excited cooking it, but your family will surely be delighted with the sight, smell, and taste of your new recipe. Now, you can turn ordinary days to special ones just because you chose to do your homework and you prepared a meal calendar ahead of time.


Now, if you believe in all these benefits and if you think that weekly meal planning is something that you want to try, you can sign up as a Nestle Club member to get access to their recipes and make use of their weekly meal planner.


Weekly Meal Plan Nestle


I also searched this weekly meal planner printables that you may find helpful.

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