Give In to Wanderlust: Traveling Will Keep You Sane and Happy

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list. – Susan Sontag


And I will really make it work!


When you go out and travel, the places you see open up your mind and give you a whole new perspective. It is like God showing you and allowing you to marvel at the beauty of nature. You meet new people, see others’ ways of living, witness the sunset from another part of the world, far from home, and it is just so lovely.


Traveling leaves you speechless. It is the sweetest, quickest escape to reality while in fact experiencing another reality. Traveling stops time. It makes seconds last very long. There’s this inexplicable feeling inside of you – a blend of happiness, awe, excitement, and all things positive.


Traveling rejuvenates your soul. Most of the time, the daily stresses of this life burn you out – toxic workplace, financial goals, pursuit of success, family matters, and everything else. There are certainly days when you just feel so sick and tired of everything you do, and you know very well how much you need a break. I tell you, when worries become paralyzing and you start feeling unhappy about your life, you must always follow what your head is telling you. Never deprive yourself of something that you truly deserve – pack your bag, file a few days leave, and travel. Go somewhere else – in a place where you can be at peace with yourself,  where you can gather your senses, where you can regain your zest for life! It is even much better if you do not wait until you feel this kind of boredom and tiredness before you plan your next getaway. You can do it once a month, even on weekends so you won’t have to worry about a decreasing salary or losing your job.


I have always wanted to travel. In fact, there was this point in my life when I made sure I save up a portion of my salary just so I can go visit a new place with a friend or two.


It was my job as a Sales & Marketing Executive in Inspection Consultants International – Philippines (ICIP) that gave me the very first opportunity to travel for free. Along with my boss, my colleague and I hosted training on crane safety. Our client companies paid for our trip. Unfortunately, I only enjoyed the job for 4 months so I only got to see Batangas, Laguna, Cagayan de Oro, and Bataraza, Palawan as part of official business trip, but if there’s one thing that my short stint in this company did for me, it was awakening my wanderlust… And it is something that I will always be thankful for.


After my  work at ICIP, I have traveled a few times with friends and visited Potipot Island, Legazpi and Caramoan in Bicol, Lucban, Quezon, and Coron, Palawan. Yes, I’ve never been into many places, I’ve just been to a few, and truth is I doubt my credibility to speak on this matter, but then again, I want every single girl to travel as much as they can while they’re child-free and while they have all the money they earn for themselves alone. It was my choice to put traveling aside since 2011. My husband (then boyfriend) was working in Qatar and I didn’t want him to worry about my whereabouts while we’re nurturing our long distance relationship. One year after, he came back to the Philippines and decided to work online too (just like I do). While we could choose either to get married or spend our savings on travels, we chose to invest on a business. However, it didn’t work, so we had to start from scratch again, and for the second time around, put traveling on hold.


In 2014, when I finally decided to leave home and become independent, we had several opportunities to visit places in Cavite area like the Aguinaldo Residence, The Puzzle Mansion, Sky Ranch, Tagaytay, Picnic Grove, and People’s Park in the Sky. We were also supposed to go hike the Taal Lake but the weather didn’t permit.


In September 2014, we decided to enter the next chapter of our lives – we got married and had our first baby early this year. This means a drastic change in priorities. Believe me, it’s really true that when you get to have your own kid, you will always put your wants and needs second just so you can fulfill your obligations as a parent. The joy you get from giving all that you have for your little one is simply priceless so you forget about your own happiness. I guess we would just have to wait a few months more so we can see new places with our Baby Via. 🙂


No boyfriend? No problem! Just Travel!


I had to share my personal experiences with you so I can awaken your wanderlust and inspire you to give into it while you still can, especially now that you are still single. Girl, don’t wallow in self-pity envying your friends who already tied the knot because you have your years to enjoy and be grateful for – use it to travel. Go out, seek new places. Who knows, your Mr. Right might just be on the other side of this country, or in Asia, or somewhere else far from here?


You don’t need a lot of money to travel.


A lot of us have this misconception that traveling requires huge budget. No, it doesn’t. It is just a matter of planning and scheduling. In fact, there are lots of airlines offering seat sales, and you can take advantage of it. Most seat sales start at midnight so bookmark the airlines’ websites on your browser to check for regular updates. You can even subscribe to newsletters and memberships that can give you earlier access to such promos.


When it comes to choosing where to stay, one thing that I always keep in mind so I can make it within my budget is that I am not traveling to end up having a staycation at a fancy hotel. There are decent hostels and lodges with A/C where you only pay less than a thousand a night. Remember, what’s more expensive when traveling is the transpo cost so allot a bigger budget for it (i.e. boat ride, van/bus/jeep/tricycle transfers) plus make sure you have a separate budget for souvenirs and delicacies because you must always make it a point to get a taste of what the place you are visiting are known for. It adds spices to your travel stories and you get to take home something from that place for your loved ones.


The trick to being able to travel at least once a month is spending less on eat-outs. Don’t give in to peer pressure and make it a habit to spend a hundred and fifty or more for a Starbucks Frappe. Fight the urge to score expensive branded clothes more than once a month that you end up having an empty wallet before the next payday. Don’t use your credit card for unnecessary purchases. Learn how to spend every penny you earn wisely. If you can, you can have a separate bank account as a source of your travel funds. Every pay day, take away a portion of your salary and have it deposited on this bank account to serve its purpose later on.


Don’t wait until you have all the money to start traveling. By that time, you could have grown a few years older and you may not be able to swim through small caves or climb rocky paths to see a great view. Travel now while you can!


Invest your money in traveling instead of buying material things. I know you have gone through this quote somewhere else, but isn’t it true? Material things lose its value after a while, but the memories you make when you travel stay with you as long as you live. Isn’t it nice to pass on your travel stories to friends, family members, and new people you meet along the road?


I guess this post is long enough ‘coz it’s already making me itch to travel. I hope the next post I will have under this category features our first getaway as a family. Can’t wait for the rainy, inconsistent weather to be over. For now, it’s enough to know that I have inspired you to go out and travel single lady! 🙂



You will either look back in life and say “I wish I had” or “I’m glad I did”. – Zig Ziglar

One of my favorite travel pics with one of my bestest friends ever! :)

One of my favorite travel pics with one of my bestest friends ever! 🙂

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