Food Love: Cooking Therapy for Stressed Moms

As homemakers, moms are more prone to everyday stress. With so many things to do and to look after, most of the time, 24 hours is not enough to fulfill all the obligations of a mom. If there can only be a way to stretch out the clock, I bet you and I have both done it.


Mommies are superwomen. No, it’s an understatement. You witnessed it firsthand. Growing up, you’ve seen your mom juggle household chores and take care of the kids. Moms don’t appear tired. But they do…


Full-time mommies are somehow limited to the confines of her home. Mostly. That is why it pays to be creative when it comes to de-stressing especially if you are the kind of mom who can’t afford to leave the house for hours of relaxation. With this said, do you know that cooking is also a form of therapy?


Who could have thought that this activity is not merely a part of your daily chores, but is also a good exercise for your body and mind?


According to published author Debbie Mandel (“Addicted to Stress”), cooking involves a whole array of sensory experience, which uplifts one’s mood. Imagine the aroma, taste, sound, visual delight, and feel of the meal you are cooking – all these activate your senses, which are all numbed by your daily stressors.


Psychologists also mentioned that cooking for somebody is a form of love. Mommies, being natural caregivers and nurturers therefore get satisfaction from cooking for their families and friends with appreciation as the sole reward of hard work.


So, next time that you feel sick and tired of the things that stress you out, it’s time to activate your happy hormones by way of cooking. Why not gift yourself a nice cookbook, wear your apron, and get creative with a dish you’ll be cooking for the first time?


You are a mom, make the kitchen your kingdom! 🙂



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