The Advantages of Freelancing: Why I Chose to Leave the Typical Job Set-Up for Good

advantages of freelancing

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To each his own. This is one of the principles that I live by. You and I have our own preferences with regards to how we want to live our lives. I’d like to borrow this generation’s term – YOLO. You only live once. Take time to digest it in your head. What’s scary about this life is that you don’t know when yours will be over. So, now that you still can breathe and move and feel, you must decide on your destiny. How do you want to wake up each day of your life? How do you want to spend every fraction of it? What is it that you really want to do?


If there are days when you wonder about your purpose and you question your existence, you are obviously ignoring what your heart has been telling you all the while. Of course, I am being idiomatic here. Your head exactly knows what you want, and often, it is just the fear of not being understood that prevents you from going for it. Doing what most people do is easier than going against the flow, taking a huge leap of faith, and following your own desire. I knew it very well… I was once in your shoes – confused and bored about how every day of my life begins and ends, and so I chose to take the path less traveled – leave the typical job set-up and start freelancing. Keep reading, this isn’t a networking sort of thing (Note: I got nothing against it, it just isn’t my thing and definitely not my personal definition of freelancing, so take no offense please).


The Day I Said Goodbye to My Last Offline Work to Give Way to Freelancing


It was my birth month. I already informed my superior about my resignation, which would take effect in a few weeks. However, each day of the leeway, I find myself dragging my feet to work. I no longer feel happy with what I was doing. My superior definitely noticed it so she just asked me to turn-over my duties and responsibilities to the newly-hired Guidance Counselor (which I already prepared one month before I made the final decision to quit my job).


It was really a huge leap of faith. I used both feet to test the waters and swore not to go back to offline work again, not ever, SO I REALLY HAVE TO MAKE IT WORK or else my stained resume would get me nowhere.


With the right dose of dedication and with God’s help, I was able to penetrate the online outsourcing platform called Odesk (now Upwork).


So here’s the golden question, what made me leave the more stable offline job set-up to pursue freelancing?


FREELANCING HAS SO MANY ADVANTAGES as well as disadvantages (but the latter calls for another blog post).


Talking about the perks of freelancing, here are my personal reasons:


You don’t wake up really early in the morning to prepare


I consider this the number 1 of the many advantages of freelancing simply because I was never a morning person (well not until I became a mom). I hated waking up early to go to work especially during months of July to February when the weather makes me want to snooze a little longer. As a freelancer, you get to select jobs that allow you to manage your own schedule. Most employers are after the results.


Absolutely no traffic and daily commutes


Imagine how long you spend on the road before you reach the doorstep of your office. The travel time is actually what eats up most of your preparation time. In my case, I am always the late-comer. No matter how much time I allot to prepare, I still end up not hitting the clock. In a virtual work set-up, you wake up, open your laptop, and start to work even if you haven’t brushed your teeth yet or taken your breakfast.


No boss whose presence makes you feel agitated all the time


As a freelancer, you save yourself from those times when you run out of work to do and you just have to pretend you’re busy just so your boss won’t pressure you. I know you will agree with me that it’s really hard to work in an environment wherein somebody always has to check on you and your work. You avoid those stressful days when your boss shouts really loud or gets angry when you, your team, or company fails to hit the target or exceed expectations.


No paper works needed when an emergency pops up


Unlike regular work set-ups, you don’t need to fill-out leave forms a few days or months before your intended absence. You can simply inform your employer about your emergency through email, Skype, or phone call as long as you manage to submit your work within the deadline. Think about not having to schedule your leave because you can always take your work with you.


Mobile work stations are very convenient


Feeling bored working in the comfort of your home? No problem! You can be in your favorite coffee shop or you can have your out-of-town vacation as long as you bring your pocket WiFi with you. If you don’t have one then you can take advantage of the cafe’s or hotel’s Internet connection. Freelancing allows you to combine work and leisure.


You have full control with your rate and you decide how much you earn

This is another interesting thing about freelancing! Let’s talk about $$$. While others are earning  minimum wage and living the tiresome life of an overworked but underpaid employee, you on the other end, decide on how much you should be paid for. The employer can hire you if s/he thinks that you are worthy of your personal appraisal. Freelancing is all about performance. The better you perform, the higher you get paid.


You don’t have to deal with pesky office mates


Need I say more? LOL. I don’t work well in groups. I prefer doing what I gotta do alone not because I don’t trust others but because I want what I want and I get things done my way, in my own pace. I finished and defended my thesis alone back in college and I stayed longer in companies where there were only five of us at maximum. Yes, I smile most of the time but I don’t really get along with every kind of people. I choose my circle – very carefully. If someone doesn’t like me then I don’t like her too – that simple!


In freelancing, I found my place. I only have to report to and deal with my employers. Freelancing has taken me away from annoying and insecure work mates. I am my own company, and I am very happy with that! 🙂


You can have multiple employers


Freelancing gives you the sky as the limit. As long as you can accommodate it, you can have as many employers as you please.


You choose the job you love


Sometimes you stay in a company not because you want to but because you need to (i.e. you’re the breadwinner). In freelancing, you have total control in selecting which job/s you like to do, all according to your pre-defined rate. Every single day, there’s hundreds of jobs posted online, a few of which may interest you. In doing the job you love, you reward yourself with happiness. Remember the adage “Find a work you love and you never have to work a day in your life”? This is exactly one of the many advantages of freelancing.


More time with people who matter


Often, work prevents us from attending milestones in our loved ones lives. We get too pre-occupied with earning a living that we forget to live. It’s hard to admit but work can sometimes cause a drift in the relationships that you value. How many times have you missed special occasions in your family? How many times have you wished you were actually right beside them?


When you become a freelancer, the flexibility of schedule allows you to spend more time with people closest to you heart. You can watch your kids grow and spend every day with them while you work and provide them with their needs. More than the monetary benefits of freelancing, this is my favorite, especially now that I got a husband and a daughter. We are always together without sacrificing the finances of our family.




Just like any other decisions in life, freelancing is a tough one. Once you decide to become a freelancer, you must give it your 100% to make it work for you too, and if it does, it can be one of the things that you will always be grateful for. Life is all about priorities, and you have the power to choose yours. 🙂


advantages of freelancing

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