Joy of Mom: My Pregnancy Journey


I felt mixed emotions when I found out that I was pregnant – happiness, excitement, and fear; happiness because God blessed our marriage with the seed of love; excitement because I was bound to enter a new phase of our married life; and fear because the thought that I would be a mom in a few months time was so overwhelming.


We were having our breakfast at Mc Donald’s when I excused myself to go take a pregnancy test in the comfort room. When I placed the first drop of my urine, the two lines darkened right away – the symptoms were real, I was pregnant! I broke the news to my hubby when I came back to our table.  He was very happy. The news was very much welcome. We were ecstatic!


On that same week, we visited my OB-Gyn Dr. Hildrette Floreza. I was prescribed with pregnancy vitamins (Rejuvon OB), folic acid (Folsyn), and Anmum, which I honestly have not taken religiously. There were days when I forgot to take my meds and there were days when I intentionally missed them because I was nauseated (which you should not do mommies).


I didn’t crave for unusual foods. In fact, I still had the same food preferences – sweets, grilled, and seafood, but not until the second month of my pregnancy…


Towards the end of my first trimester, I can barely eat. I didn’t even drink as much water like I do before becoming pregnant. In fact, I have lost weight during this stage. Ingesting anything just made me feel so sick. The toilet and the sink were my friends. I felt dizzy, acidic, and lazy. Great thing my appetite came back as my pregnancy progressed. I was able to feed my little one well.


During my entire pregnancy, Google was my best friend. I particularly found and very informative sites. These two helped me get in sync with what’s happening inside my body. I was able to savor, enjoy, and discover the week-by-week development of my baby. I was also informed about how I could start bonding with my little one even if she was still in my womb. Believe me, being pregnant has many irritable symptoms yet it is an amazing journey to self-discovery. During this stage of a woman’s life, she is being prepared to becoming a better version of her previous self – unselfish, generous, and caring. This is also the time that you realize that you are capable of loving somebody else unconditionally. The maternal instinct is also starting to develop. As a future mom, you want everything to be alright so you do your best to take care of the baby.


Sharing the experience with your hubby or partner makes your pregnancy journey easier and more exciting. I suggest that you feed him bits of information about your baby’s development and encourage him to be touchy-feely with your tummy. This way, you are both connecting with your baby. Also, you can read or watch videos about your baby’s development together to make the experience much more memorable. Besides, it’s comforting to know that there is someone you can lean on 24/7 while your body undergoes drastic changes and hormonal surges.


Along the course of your pregnancy, you can shorten the agony of waiting for the big day by creating and keeping little memories of your journey like ultrasound pictures. You can even flaunt your baby bump through an artistic photo shoot with your hubby. In my case, I started shopping for unisex baby things as soon as I found out that I was pregnant. It got me more excited for my big day and made me forget about the waiting time. When you share this exciting stage of your life with your hubby or partner, you become happier and before you know it, your little one is already coming!


My pregnancy journey has been an awesome experience. It was an intensive learning process for me. Not only did I explore so many things about myself and my hubby, but I also discovered a fountain of love in my heart that I never knew existed – and that is called motherhood!


A few months later, I found myself in the ER, hearing the most beautiful and sweetest sound on Earth – my baby’s voice. Suddenly, the room was filled with tears of joy. I can finally call myself a “mom”. Trust me, the miracle of life is the most wonderful gift one could ever receive. No words can describe the happiness that you will feel once you get to hold and kiss your baby for the first time…



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