Baby Milestones at Six Months

All the baby milestones at six months will definitely put you in awe as your baby is more expressive and communicative at this halfway mark. 🙂 Congratulate yourself because you passed way through it! Whether you have your hubby or the entire family as your back-up, you have successfully overcome the sleepless nights and have made…

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Development and Milestones of Your Baby at Five Months

Baby at five months definitely shows interesting milestones and development. S/he’s like getting out of the baby phase gradually as s/he finds awe in exploring and understanding the people and things around his/her world. Brace yourselves parents, ‘coz the 5th month onward is going to be an amazing journey! 😉 Via’s Development and Milestones: Our…

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Roseola In Babies|Roseola Infantum|Roseola Symptoms and Cure

Roseola in babies, also known as Roseola Infantum or simply Roseola is a mild child disease caused by a virus affecting children aged 6 months to 2 years. The disease then becomes less common as the child reaches the age of 4. Unfortunately, our dearest Via had it earlier, at 4+ months, just when she was…

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iCove Beach Hotel Subic Review|iCove Beach Hotel Review|iCove Subic Review

(iCove Beach Hotel Subic’s copyrighted photo)   iCove Beach Hotel Subic Review came 7 weeks late but I assure that memories of our staycation are still crystal-clear in my head! 😉   A week before the month of January ended, we had our staycation kick off at iCove Beach Hotel Subic, which is one of…

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Baby Development and Milestones: Baby at Four Months

baby at four months

For any new parent, every single day becomes more and more exciting, and before you realize it, you already have a baby at four months!   Personally, only the first two months happen slowly as if God’s allowing you to absorb the fact that you are a parent now. After that, trust me, time flies…

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Baby Development and Baby Milestones: Baby at Three Months

baby development at three months

Babies grow really fast and before you realize it, you already have your baby at three months! What you will truly appreciate to know at this phase of your baby’s development is that his sleeping pattern is becoming more and more stable. In fact, your little one can already sleep for 6 to 7 hours…

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Baby Development at Two Months

Baby Development at 2 Months

You’ve successfully finished your baby’s first month and by now you could be wondering about baby development at two months. First off, keep in mind that babies are unique individuals too and that their development are not at all similar. What’s important is that you appreciate, celebrate, and acknowledge your own baby’s development and allow him to…

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Subic Park Hotel Review, Subic Bay

Subic Park Hotel Review

Being work-from-home parents, we stay in our cot about 98% of the time, so one lazy Sunday of October, we checked in at Subic Park Hotel with our 6-month old baby Via for a change. This is the second time we’ve checked in at a hotel in Subic Bay so we pretty much have a…

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The First Month of Birth

Baby’s First Month

My baby was very small when I delivered her, weighing just about 5.07 pounds (2.3 kilos), imagine how fragile she seemed to be. She got small arms and legs. You could notice her sagged skin, in need of further fats. My OB-Gyne told me that if it hadn’t been for my placenta previa totalis condition,…

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C-Section Recovery Tips

The first few days of giving birth is joyful, overwhelming, challenging, and painful especially if you have delivered via surgical incision, so these c-section recovery tips might come handy and timely for you, mommy.   After welcoming my baby with a kiss and an “I love you”, I was immediately anesthetized. I gave birth at…

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